• Ski Suit Rental -  a wide selection of high quality ski apparel delivered directly to your hotel!
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High quality ski apparel
... for hire!

Looking good on the
slopes was never so easy
... or so affordable!

Rent Now

How SkiSuitRental Works

Step 1: Order

Browse online and select a high quality ski outfit for each skier. Free shipping anywhere in Austria is included in the rental price.

Step 2: Ski

Travel to your ski holiday destination and hit the slopes in style. You look awesome… and you are guaranteed to be warm and dry.

Step 3: Return the kit

After your last day of skiing, pack your kit in the original delivery box and drop it off at the nearest postal office. Have a safe journey home...

10 Really Great Reasons to Rent Your Kit From SkiSuitRental

  • 1. Top quality kit – stay warm and dry on the slopes!
  • 2. Save money – it’s cheaper to rent brand name ski apparel with SkiSuitRental!
  • 3. Growing children need a new size every ski season – here we are for you!
  • 4. Easy reservation and shipping direct to where you want your kit!
  • 5. First time skiing? Then try before you buy!
  • 6. Less hassle – we do the laundry!
  • 7. Save on 51 weeks of storage per year!
  • 8. Never get bored - try a new style every time you ski!
  • 9. Support sustainable consumption and the sharing economy – yeah for share wear!
  • 10. Travel with less luggage – save money or save space for souvenirs.
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